Types of therapy        

         Individual- Children (at the Nampa Family Justice Center for abuse or secondary victim issues), teens (both                                                                                   locations, multitude of issues), and adults (both locations, multitude of issues).

          Couples-   Not just for married couples, but for anyone in a relationship that they are needing to increase                                                                                   communication and resolve issues.

         Families- Includes family members, parents and children, or extended family with issues that you would

                               like to address.

         Groups-   Please let us know if you are interested in any of the below groups.

​Teen Healthy Relationship group-
Teen group for teens exposed to domestic violence in their homes, personal dating
violence victims, or teens who would like to gain better skills in how to have a healthy dating relationship. This is a
group that is reoccurring and typically 8-12 weeks. It is of no costs. Please call 208-475-5700 if you are interested in
hearing more about this group.

Children Exposed To Domestic Violence Groups-
This group is typically 45 min. it is free of cost for children exposed to
violence and trauma either primary of secondary victims. There is a 3-5 group, 6-8,and 9-12. The group is 8-10 weeks and
You can call and get your kids in or put your name on a wait list for the next group. Please call 208-475-5700.


Trim Life Weight Loss Group- This group costs $60 per group session. It is a 4-5 week group that involves hypnotherapy

 in a group setting for weight loss. We are looking to start the next group on Thursday the 29th of October 2015. If you

are interested please call Tylene at 208-936-1097. This group is for people interested in a new way to loose weight. All reading materials

and snacks will be provided.  


We offer free phone consults to find the best fit for a counselor based off your issue of concern, insurance, schedule, and which of our counselors might best fit you.
​Our screening number is 208-936-1097

Normal Office Hours
Office hours are 8am-6pm M-F
(Evening and Saturday appointments may be available.)

​​Issues we Address

Coping skills                                                                                    Divorce
Domestic Violence (victim services)/Dating Abuse        Life coaching
Relationship Issues                                                                      Anxiety
Depression                                                                                       Trauma
PTSD                                                                                                   Self-harm
Peer Relationships                                                                       Self-Esteem
Fears                                                                                                  Sexual abuse
Bipolar/Mood Disorders                                                           Stress
Parenting                                                                                        Family Conflict                     Boundary  Issues/Assertive                                                    Grief/Loss                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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